Here to Assist


You’re here for a reason.

I’m here to make sure it goes according to plan.



Whether you need an experienced hand on set, a retoucher, or a digital tech; I have you covered. When it comes to production, I’m your Swiss army knife. I can build it, I can light it, I can probably lift it, and I can most definitely solve it. I’m here to make sure you can concentrate on the shoot with minimal distractions and maximum support. I’m Josh Bannen, it’s nice to finally meet you.

The Toolbox

Camera Systems

Canon | Nikon | Hasselblad

Lighting Systems

Profoto | Broncolor | Speedatron | Alien Bee | Speedlights | Constant lights


Capture One | EOS Capture Utility | Digital Asset Management | Color Munki

Adobe Photoshop | Lightroom | Bridge | Indesign | Premier Pro | Audition

Final Cut Pro | Spinme | Trello | Microsoft Office

Compliments of  @tinyppldrawings . Follow her on Instagram!

Compliments of @tinyppldrawings. Follow her on Instagram!


Tether Capturing | Studio/Grip Safety | Forklift Certified | Carpentry | Welding